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Selling Your Home in Milton & Beyond

When you finally make the decision to list your home for sale, you may feel overwhelmed by the experience. You may have mixed feelings about moving, even if you're staying within the same community. Dealing with the intricacies of the Milton Real Estate market can be very complex. Our Team is here to help! You can count on us to guide you safely and comfortably through the sale of your home, whether in Milton, Campbellville, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Halton Hills or other surrounding areas.

Contact us now, for a free consultation and evaluation of your home. Or, if you simply want to chat about current trends in the Milton real estate market, we're a phone call or email away. No obligation, no pressure, no waiting!

Why work with Scott Prior and his Team to Sell Your Home?

The Prior Team has achieved the status of being the #1 Milton RE/MAX real estate team for 2009, 2010 and 2011.*

(*based on the number of transactions)

As the leader of one of Milton's top performing real estate teams and with more than 30 years experience, Scott is a highly trained professional, who understands all aspects of the Milton Real Estate market. With proven results, he focuses on his key competencies:

(1) Aggressive marketing programs to maximize your property's exposure
(2) Expertise in offer negotiations
(3) Exceptional Client Care program

A Team approach supports the entire process of listing and selling your home in Milton and beyond. In this often fast-paced real estate market, we continue to provide service levels that others are hard pressed to compete with. Click here to see what our Clients have to say about our results!

Marketing your property in the most effective way possible is critical! The Prior Team's Marketing and Promotion of your home will set you apart from the rest. Typically, homes that are poorly marketed may not achieve maximum market value. In other words, without the best exposure, you don't get the best price.

Here's How We Do It:

  • Featured Properties section of our website
  • Exclusive outdoor billboard advertising
  • Professional photography, including virtual tours
  • Professional Home Staging
  • Full colour Feature Sheets
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Targeted magazine advertising
  • High profile "For Sale" sign
  • Local and targeted real estate boards
  • Internet exposure (,,, You Tube & Facebook to name only a few)
  • Dedicated Client Care Service
Of course, we can't give away all our secrets! Just be assured that The Prior Team is here to get your home sold, as quickly as possible, for as much money as possible!

And remember, we're also here for you when you're ready to purchase a new home.

Getting Your Home Ready

While we all believe that our home is our castle, our personal tastes may not appeal to everyone. Scott Prior and his Team will work with you to give you an impartial analysis of your home - how it relates to other "competing" homes on the market and how your home reflects current design and style trends. Home staging advice is strongly recommended as it generates incremental earnings on the sale of your property. As one of Milton's top real estate teams, we have a dedicated home stager at our disposal - contact us today, to find out how you can benefit from this professional service!

Your home may be in need of repair - from minor to major renovations. Before embarking on a major overhaul of your property, consider what the return on investment might be.

The Appraisal Institute of Canada has listed the top 10 renovations and their average return on investment:

Painting & Interior Decorating
Kitchen Renovation
Bathroom Renovation
Exterior Painting
Flooring Upgrades
Window/Door Replacement
Family Room Addition
Fireplace Addition
Basement Renovation
Furnace/Heating Updating
Before listing your home for sale, we'll discuss all improvements and upgrades that have been done to your home and consider any additional updates or repairs that may be required. This will be based on a Comparative Market Analysis of your property and is of course, dependent on your budget.

In providing a recommended listing price for your home, we will provide you with several options, which may include:

(1) Listing your home 'as is' with no repairs/renovations
(2) Potential listing price with minor and/or cosmetic improvements
(3) Potential listing price with major renovations

Setting the Right Price for Your Home

In order to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price, we must set a realistic price that matches current market conditions in the relevant real estate market - Milton and beyond.

You can count on the expertise of the Prior Team to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your home, taking into consideration your home's unique features, as well as any negative traits that may impact the value of your home. We will discuss the attributes offered by similar properties that are currently Listed, have Sold or Expired. We refer to this as the Comparative Market Analysis, which is typically the most effective method of determining what potential buyers will be willing to pay for your home.

It's important to remember that your home will lose its "marketability" if it remains on the market for too long. An overpriced home may eventually develop a stigma that affects both potential Buyers and Realtors.

When a property is correctly priced in relation to market value, offers are typically higher. You'll be more likely to attract both Buyers and Realtors if the home is priced right.

The extensive experience and insight that Scott Prior brings to the Milton Real Estate market will be critical to ensuring a quick and profitable sale.

Simple Home Improvements Help You Sell Faster & For More $$

A house that "sparkles" on the surface will sell faster than its shabby neighbour, even though both are structurally well-maintained.

From our experience in the Milton real estate market & beyond, we know that a "well-polished" house appeals to more buyers, will sell faster and for a higher price.

Here are some great tips on home improvements that will make the perfect first impression and help to get your home SOLD faster!

Create great curb appeal!

  • Keep your lawn freshly cut
  • Trim hedges & bushes
  • Plant colourful flowers, add hanging baskets
  • Create an inviting sitting area if you have a porch
  • Weed and edge gardens
  • Attend to fencing
  • Attend to pool, patio
  • Keep driveway clean and clear, consider re-sealing
  • Clean out and organize garage
  • Clean windows and eaves
  • Check functionality of windows/doors (including screens)
  • Freshly paint front door and if necessary garage & shutters
  • Ensure doorbell and door locks are functional

Make a good first impression!

  • Ensure your home smells fresh & clean
  • Turn on lights
  • Keep home ventilated/warm
  • Open draperies
  • Light/turn on fireplace
  • Clean home appliances
  • Clean carpets/draperies/blinds
  • Eliminate pet odours/stains

Maximize Your Space!

  • Keep all entrances and stairways free of clutter
  • Clear Kitchen counter and stove top
  • Remove/minimize personal photos
  • Remove "collections" of miscellaneous items
  • Clean out closets
  • Organize storage areas

Put Your Best Foot Forward!

  • Repair leaking taps & toilets
  • Repair any drywall damage
  • Apply fresh paint where necessary
  • Repair seals, caulking in bathrooms
  • Repair squeaking floor boards
  • Ensure doors are functional
  • Clean furnace & filters
Give every room a thorough cleaning and remove all clutter. The process of de-cluttering is extremely important. By removing your personal possessions such as collectibles and family photographs, it allows others to envision how their possessions might look in the space and typically creates an appearance of a larger living space. You may also want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service, once every few weeks while the house is on the market.

It may seem like a lot of effort up-front, but remember, you must put your best foot forward in order to capture the highest selling price possible, in the least amount of time.

Now You're Ready for Showings & Open Houses

Access to your home is very important. In order to minimize the impact on your daily life, your Prior Team Sales Representative will discuss appropriate showing times with you. Often you are at the mercy of Buyers and may have to contend with the inconvenience of last minute showings that may be disruptive, especially if you have small children or pets. We'll do our best to make things as easy as possible for you by setting the 'ground rules' up front.

Open houses are important as well. We'll host a one-time open house for Realtors only. This affords them the opportunity to preview your home for their clients. Weekend open houses for the general public are common place, however they may not be right for everyone. We'll discuss this up-front to understand your preference.

Once your home is listed for sale, you should be ready for it to be shown - at all times (unless otherwise noted). Here are a few "must do's" to prepare your home for a viewing that can make all the difference:

  • Turn on all the lights (even during the day)
  • Open all the drapes and blinds
  • Turn off the TV and have easy listening music playing softly in the background
  • Ensure Kitchen is clean & tidy (no dishes in the sink please)
  • Remove pets from the home wherever possible
Wherever possible, try to leave during a showing, as this gives Buyers the opportunity to view your home without feeling the need to rush through and allows them to talk candidly and ask questions. For those instances where you are unable to leave, be polite and courteous and wherever possible, try to stay in another part of the house.

You've Got an Offer on Your Home!

As part of the listing process, Scott Prior and his Team will have had discussions with you in order to understand the minimum conditions, acceptable closing dates, and lowest price you'll accept from a potential purchaser. Be sure to discuss your flexibility regarding chattels so that your real estate Team will have leveraging power in negotiating items that you may be willing to agree to including in the offer.

An Offer to Purchase can be "firm" or "conditional". A "firm" offer is preferred as this means that the Buyer is purchasing your home without the inclusion of "conditions". Your acceptance of a "firm" offer means that your home is SOLD! A "conditional" offer can include multiple conditions on the purchase. Typical conditions may include: Home Inspection, Financing or the Sale of a Property. Your acceptance of a "conditional" offer means that your home will be SOLD only upon the removal of any conditions.

The Scott Prior Real Estate Team will thoroughly review all contents of the offer with you and you will have the opportunity to submit a counter-offer if you are unwilling to agree to the terms of the initial offer. It is typical for the Seller and the Buyer to engage in negotiations until both parties come to agreeable terms.

It is important to understand that once you have signed the Offer to Purchase, it is considered a binding contract.

The Prior Team will provide you with referrals for legal services in Milton and beyond. These professionals will assist you to ensure the hassle-free completion of the sale of your property.

Your Home is Sold!

It's important to recognize all associated "closing costs" as these can quickly add up. These costs can include, but are not limited to:

Real Estate Commission
Legal Fees & Additional Disbursements
Adjustments for Property Taxes & Utilities
Mortgage related fees

Ensure that you clearly understand all associated costs in advance. Speak with your Prior Team representative as well as your Legal representative, to make sure that you have all of the facts.

Getting Ready to Move to Your New Home!

Getting ready to move can be a stressful time for anyone. Before you start to pack, detail all items that are to remain with the property. Unless you have identified otherwise, anything 'affixed' to the property, must remain. You are responsible for handing over the home in the same condition it was at the time of purchase.

Carefully review our Moving Checklist as it provides useful times on the key tasks that you'll need to complete in advance of your move. Careful planning can make this chaotic day easier and less stressful!


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